Margaret Lee

​Margaret Lee was Director of UX Community + Culture at Google, from 2016 to 2021, a program she founded to serve and empower the company’s global User Experience organization. Prior to that, she led User Experience for Google Maps from its early ​days as a groundbreaking desktop experience, to an indispensable tool for navigation and local exploration. Under her leadership, the Maps UX team evolved from a couple of designers to a global organization of multi-disciplinarian practitioners. Prior to Google, Margaret led​ organizations​ at CNET, Yahoo, and TiVo. Decades in the tech industry has affirmed what she is most passionate about: creating conditions where teams can flourish and individuals can uncover their unique potential and leadership style. Margaret sp​eaks​ and write​s about her personal journey as a leader, and ​o​n our collective responsibility ​to advanc​e​ diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Margaret is currently pursuing her leadership coaching certification at the Hudson Institute of Coaching.


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