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Monika Proffitt is an international speaker, author of the book Blockchain 101, and serial entrepreneur working at the nexus of blockchain and social impact. She speaks at conferences and events on topics ranging from the future of money, sustainability in business, blockchain for social good, and the value of cultural capital.


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Monika Proffitt is an international speaker, writer, and social entrepreneur. As an expert in the blockchain space and several time founder, Monika has developed the business acumen over the last two decades to bring a high level of clarity, focus, and sustainability to every project she is a part of.

When presenting and writing, Monika explains, in simple, easy to digest terms, the fundamentals of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and “tokenomics” and their growing impact on the global economy. You can find out more in her latest book, Blockchain 101: Fundamentals of a New Economy.


Full Background

Monika Proffitt is an international speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur working at the nexus of fintech and social impact. She has founded businesses in the real estate, technology, fine arts, education, and hospitality sectors. Through these endeavors, she has brought a social impact ethos and a tangible investment model to sustainable rebuilding efforts that target some of the poorest regions in the United States.

Monika’s expertise showcases how the convergence of new technologies will enable the consumer of the future to be the driver in nearly every vertical of the new, post-blockchain economy. Her passion for engaging marginalized sectors of the value chain shines through in all of her ventures, as well as her latest book, Blockchain 101: Fundamentals of a New Economy.

From discussing new marketplace entry points, to describing how consumer and worker interests will be reflected in new market movements, Monika uses her platform to enthusiastically illuminate how blockchain technology is set to disrupt how we think of consumers, creators, and drivers of value in the global economy.

Formerly, a visual artist, grant maker and Executive Director, Monika incubated and launched a groundbreaking, sustainable organizational model with her arts-related social impact venture, Starry Night Programs.  Over the last decade she grew this company to include an artist and writer’s retreat center, artist-centric business school, a global exhibitions program and a robust publication house – all dedicated to putting the emerging artist first. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Nikkei, and Vogue Italia, and has spoken at universities and events throughout the US and Europe.

She lives in New York City.

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