Natalia Filvarova

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Natalia is a lover of food, tech, and human-centric design, on a mission to connect people and ideas. She is an Oxford University and LMU Munich Neuroscience graduate, with a passion for the future of food, empowering education, and sensory experiences.

Currently, Natalia works as a product owner for sustainable supply chain management technology at HelloFresh (Berlin, Germany), after leaving her position as a food designer for space exploration at Mission:SpaceFood (Mountain View, CA, USA). Previously, she worked as a researcher and neuroscientist investigating sensory processes in humans and animals (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry and Fraunhofer Institute of Process Engineering, Munich, Germany).

In her efforts to create inspirational opportunities for young people, in 2016 she has founded NeuroCamp: the first international neuroscience camp for high school students that brings real lab experience to their homes, from Brazil to Siberia. In 2020, she founded the Social Design School, a digital school on a mission to inspire high-schoolers to blend art, science, and history to drive social change through bespoke projects and learning experiences.

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