Sasha Endoh

Sasha Endoh headshot

Sasha is an experienced strategist, WordPress and front-end developer, user experience and interface designer, consultant, speaker, organizer, and occasional teacher. She believes in using the power to create websites for good. Her work has garnered recognition of peers and clients alike.

She has spoken at conferences around the world on topics ranging from using WordPress to build nonprofit websites to UX design, accessibility, flexible storytelling using WordPress, social responsibility in graphic design, and Gutenberg (the new WordPress editing experience). She also regularly gives back to the community by teaching coding workshops for women and girls and helping local nonprofits have a greater impact through organizing do_action_mtl, a WordPress hackathon for nonprofits.

Her free time is spent in the world of music, books, animal documentaries, indie movies, and quaint British TV shows. She’s also known to play a mean game of pinball.

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