Shailvi Wakhlu

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Shailvi is the Sr. Director of Data at Strava. As an analytics professional and a former software engineer, she has been involved in shaping great products for companies big and small for the last 14 years. She has worked on analyses across various business functions including product, operations, sales, marketing and customer support in Fortune 500 companies (Salesforce) and small start-ups (Komodo, Fitbit etc). All the products she has worked on had more than 40M+ users, which trained her on the nuances of dealing with data at scale. Her job is to use data to tell effective stories that inspire action and spur tangible business growth.

As a Woman of Color in an Engineering Leadership position, she has used her platform to create opportunities of success for other marginalized people in tech. She is a strong advocate for underrepresented folks in leadership positions, and has led multiple inspiring talks and workshops for self-advocacy and positioning for success at work. She is an active mentor and contributor to the community, and actively pursues her goal of sharing knowledge, and lifting people up.

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