SL (Shree Lakshmi) Rao

SL (Shree Lakshmi) Rao headshot

SL is a system designer, researcher and strategist with experience across a variety of sectors such as tech, philanthropy, global health, education technology and government. They are passionate about  (re)designing historically racist and oppressive systems such as foster care, juvenile justice, housing co-designing with lived experts. They currently work in higher education.

Their expertise includes end-to-end innovation and design expertise including user experience, design strategy and design research.

Their practice is grounded in the practice of trauma informed design research, targeted universalism, co-design and complex systems theory. They are a strong proponent of evolving the design practice to be anti-racist, decolonized and systems thinking oriented.

They have cross-cultural experience having worked across geographies and lived experience in the global South.

They are an avid tea brewer, outdoor enthusiast and is passionate about mentoring youth and women of color.

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