Vidhya Sriram

Vidhya Sriram headshot

I enable organizations to create valuable experiences that become the lever of growth, differentiation and loyalty.

In the past 7 years, I have been working with startups and enterprises that actively pursue growth strategies and digital transformation efforts.  My singular focus is to help companies embrace a human-centered mindset to make a lasting customer impact.

A significant part of my work involves coaching an innovation mindset that is rooted in empathy, diversity and vulnerability.

I am also someone who returned to work after taking a break.  The struggle, I faced within myself to believe in my potential and and externally to get a break, inspired me to begin my startup , to accelerate career transitions and returnships.

I am energized by foreseeing what’s next, making sense of what may feel ambiguous and creating value and nurture self-worth in this world with my experience, hunger and kindness.


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