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Anna Harrison is a Brisbane-based growth strategist, designer and business consultant who creates pathways to profit for businesses. She has spent the past two decades consulting selectively to businesses in Australia, Europe and the USA; maximisng their value as they confront change and seek to innovate.

Her clients include Oracle, Unisys, AusAsia Health Innovation Centre, Queensland Government and numerous retail and residential property SMEs.

Anna’s commercially-focused aviation design work has drawn widespread plaudits from airport operators, currently facing rising costs and fierce international competition. Her work in this area will be recognised in 2014 when she is awarded her PhD on Principles of Experience Design for Airport Terminals from Queensland University of Technology. This will be the latest qualification from an impressive list of institutions in Australia, Europe and the USA that have refined her sophisticated design, IT and organisational problem-solving skills.

As a thought leader in conceptual design, Anna’s industry and academic reports have been published in international journals and seen her present her findings at conferences around the world. Domestically, she has appeared on ABC Radio National’s The Science Show and been featured in several trade publications including MODERNHome and HOMEIdeas.

More recently, Anna has launched a series of professional skills workshops, authored an eBook and is currently working on a co-creation project with NICTA aimed at developing organisational Business Fitness.

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