How to (not) fail at accessibility

“YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON WEB CONTENT, to enter the web area, press Control-Option-Shift-Down Arrow.” — If that sounds foreign to you… Congratulations! You’ve got a whole new world of accessibility to discover! These issues are often invisible to product designers and developers alike, but they don’t have to be.

At Slack, we made a few mistakes in the past, but have since learned to bake in accessibility early on in our development process. We’ve discovered that building a product that’s accessible for everyone has resulted in an improved experience for all. We’ll share how we failed, so you don’t have to.

Let’s break down some of the gotchas and hiccups we faced along the way to overcome any biases we might have in building our JavaScript products. Starting from scratch? Don’t worry, we’ll cover practical steps to consider from deciding on initial component architecture to testing your final product with aXe. All with plenty of horror stories along the way.

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