Meet the Designer: Laneen of Sublation Studio

Photo of Laneen with a blurred background

When we were getting ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign for the Present Yourself book, we knew we wanted the campaign to have its own visual identity to help it stand out.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Present Yourself alumna and Sublation Studio founder, Laneen.

Get to know Laneen, their work, why they took on this project, and their favorite piece of public speaking advice.

1. Tell us about SBLTN and the work that you do

I am a Creative Strategist, Brand Designer, Lover of Snacks, and founder of Sublation Studio. “SBLTN” is a design and discussion studio that offers creative services focused on intersectionality, accessibility, and diversity through inclusive practices, education, and advocacy.

The term “sublation” refers to a philosophical concept that suggests when seemingly contradictory things or ideas intersect, they have the potential to produce something more powerful than either could alone. Sublation is integration without elimination; combination without loss.

I embrace my own intersectional identity and integrate those perspectives into both my work and connecting communities. Through SBLTN, I aim to show clients how their design, and practices, can be inclusive and accessible without sacrificing aesthetics or brand messaging and voice. I want to share this with people in an informative, yet approachable way – all while having a little creative fun!

2. Why did you decide to take on the Present Yourself Kickstarter visual branding project?

I had such a fun and challenging experience in a Present Yourself cohort that left a lasting impression on me so I KNEW I wanted to work with the WTD team again in some capacity. Once I learned about the purpose behind the Kickstarter, it was like sprinkles on the cupcake. WTD is truly committed to getting the voices of women and nonbinary people heard as well as building their confidence to share their own stories and ideas – value alignment is something I look for in design projects. Not to mention the team already had some great creative ideas that got me inspired and eager to take it further.

Present Yourself the book graphic on a paper textured background

3. What’s your favorite piece of public speaking advice?

A colleague told me once: “Try it! Even if it’s just one time, even if it’s just for 5 minutes!” Speaking comes in so many forms: a formal work meeting, at a big conference panel, or even an online webinar. You learn as much about yourself as a person as you do about the tactics of presenting. It can open so many doors too: from professional opportunities to discovering new passions, and even connecting with new people.

4. How can folks get in touch with you?

I’m mostly on IG @sublationstudio or working on my newsletter. If the bird app is still around, I’m on Twitter as well.

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