10 Tips to Build Visibility for Effective Self-promotion

“Every time I do a speaking event, I connect with a ton of people, whether it’s in person or virtually. There’s a growth of my network and interesting conversations that I almost always have afterwards. I really enjoy that part of it as well because if you play the algorithms game of Twitter or LinkedIn, for every new person that you connect to you can get a door opening to their network and suddenly you get this richness of suggestions and things like that.” – Lola Oyelayo-Pearson, Women Talk Design Speaker Stories

You’re ready to speak, or maybe you’ve been speaking for a while. But you want to be considered for more opportunities, get in front of more audiences, and make a name for yourself. 

Self-promotion has entered the chat. 

Does the thought of self-promotion fill you with dread? It doesn’t need to! The truth is that people want to hear what you have to say but they can’t if you don’t put yourself out there.

But how do you get started?

The key to self-promotion is visibility. Visibility helps you expand your network, build trust, and stay top of mind for opportunities. 

We’ve put together some tips on how to increase your visibility as a speaker. Read on to learn more…

Speak up and speak often

Seek out speaking opportunities through work, friends, or local meetup groups. Not only will speaking often help you brush up on your public speaking skills, but you never know who you will meet.

Think small

Don’t write off smaller speaking engagements, especially those that align with your topic(s). Quality connections can help you establish yourself in a niche.

Stay in touch

Follow up with folks you speak with or organizers that you work with. Let them know you’re open to more opportunities. This will help you stay top of mind when folks are putting together their speaker lineups.

Get social

Use social media to establish yourself and stay visible. Share tips to communicate your expertise on LinkedIn, share your story to foster authentic connections, and share your journey through reels along the way to inspire your audience to root for your success.

Ask for referrals and testimonials

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Organizers are always looking for new speakers so reach out to people in your network to refer you. Add testimonials to your website or request them from your LinkedIn connections so organizers can get a feel for who you are and how you are to work with.

Put it in writing

Share your message across mediums by writing an article or putting together tips and advice for those just starting out. Pitch it to a publication or self-publish on medium. Sharing your message more widely will help you stand out.

Create your speaker page or website

As you get more speaking engagements, save all of your talks, articles, and interviews in one place you can refer people to. This will help build trust in you as a speaker and establish your brand. It also helps others get familiar with your work when considering you for a speaking engagement.

Get interviewed

Reach out to podcasts in your area of expertise. Podcast hosts are always looking for guests and getting featured will allow you to reach a new audience.

Partner with others

Collaboration helps you to share your perspective with a new audience. Cross-promotion is a valuable way to spread your message and connect with others. Consider reaching out to those that align with your message to partner on content or building events, panels, or fireside chats.

Create a workshop

Establish yourself as a thought leader and allow others to engage with your content by offering a workshop or course. Workshops allow you to dig deeper into a topic so participants can absorb your content.

Increased visibility will naturally lead to more opportunities. So stay proactive and be bold. The more you deliver your message, the easier it will be for the right folks to find you.

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