Deb Mrazek

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With over 35 years of experience creating and driving design strategy, Deb strives to leverage the intersection of customer-value, business-benefits, and corporate capabilities. Through a combination of theory and practice, coaching, and doing, she has helped institutes from startups to Fortune 100s, governments, and NGOs develop user-centered strategies and work with teams to integrate these strategies into organizations’ overall plans of record.

As a systems thinker, Deb has developed an array of frameworks, tools, and platforms to leverage the power of design and human-centered systems thinking at team, group, organizational and global levels.  Deb holds an M.S.E.  in Industrial Engineering and Human Factors and a B.S.E. in System Engineering.

Her first job was designing control rooms for a Nuclear Power Plant, she helped HP define what it takes to make a printer ‘family-friendly’ and she is an industry thought-leader on how to quantify the value of design and innovation.  Deb has taught Design Thinking to hundreds of students as well as adults.

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