Jenny Shirey

Jenny is a UX Consultant who helps product teams understand their users better and grow as designers. She’s been working as a designer and user researcher since 2005, starting her career in visual design and then transitioning into user experience after receiving a Masters in Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2014, she has been leading and coaching teams of designers in software companies. She began her company Bay Bridge UX in 2020 and has worked with many B2B and health care clients, including Kaiser, Confluent, Dreamdata, Myriad Genetics, and Hummingbird.

Jenny believes that product discovery and teams with a sense of psychological safety are the best ingredients for successful products—and she has the stories to tell you why. She enjoys partnering with product managers to create and test early stage designs, as well as facilitating design workshops and coaching individual designers. Her experience working overseas in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stuttgart, Germany, as well as in San Francisco, has given her unique insight into the tech scene beyond Silicon Valley.

Outside of her day job, Jenny teaches UX design courses at the University of California Berkeley and California College of the Arts. She makes her home in beautiful Oakland, California.

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