Kat Zhou

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Kat is a product designer and creator of the <Design Ethically> project, which explores how product teams can implement ethical practices in their day-to-day process. She is currently based in Stockholm, working in tech as a designer. She is also a Masters student at the University of Cambridge, researching AI Ethics with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. On the side, she serves as a member of the Board of Advisors for the YX Foundation, which explores the crucial intersection between AI/ML and critical race theory.

While she was a student at Duke University, she majored in design and received grants from the Kenan Institute for Ethics to conduct ethics research in Santo Domingo and Dublin. Her research in Santo Domingo focused on the effects of codified racism; her research in Dublin was centered around refugees and migrants.

Her hobbies include: developing <Design Ethically>, creating podcast art, crafting photo essays, teaching kids design thinking, volunteering with Front Steps and Everytown, collecting secondhand books, mentoring underrepresented designers of color, tickling the ivories, and traveling without Google Maps.

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