Bytes of Good Live

Join Kat Zhou, creator of Design Ethically and product designer at Spotify, as she walks through the Design Ethically framework. This workshop is an exploration of actionable steps that teams can take to steer products in the right direction. Collaborate with other Hack4Impact members as you learn to forecast effects for products and design for positive impact.

Kat (she/her) is a product designer at Spotify, where she spearheads open-source design. She is also the creator of the Design Ethically project, which explores how product teams can implement ethical practices in their day-to-day process. Previously, she was at IBM, designing for cybersecurity and also for the public service. On the side, she mentors underrepresented designers of color, tickles the ivories, and runs around Stockholm with her adopted dog.

Bytes of Good Live is a monthly speaker series hosted by Hack4Impact, a student-run 501(c)(3) with the goal of inspiring the next generation of technologists, designers, and humanitarians to develop software for social good. This initiative is being hosted by the National Social Impact Committee, with the goal of engaging both Hack4Impact members and the greater community in critical discussions about technology, the role it plays in our society, and career paths in the social good space.

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