Tamara Adlin

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Tamara Adlin is the President of Adlin, Inc. She is a C-level strategy and user experience consultant to startups and companies that want to behave more like startups. Tamara prides herself on being an untangler of hairballs, a champion of focus, and a practial-izer of user centeredness. She co-authored the Persona Lifecycle books, and has invented a new Alignment Persona methodology to get executives and stakeholders to answer hard questions super-early and stick to their strategies, and thus give designers and developers a fighting chance to do great work. Tamara helped bring new user-centered design methods to Amazon as a UX team lead from 2002-2005. Since then, she has consulted with dozens of startups and large companies from Apple to Zillow and international organizations like the United Nations. She’s a passionate presenter and loves to take the stage on topics ranging from executive alignment to personas to career-badassery for women and UX pros. Tamara has a Masters in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

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