Leanne Waldal

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Leanne has been leading and growing research and operations and analytics practices across companies for a couple decades. An early tech adopter and enthusiast since her dad built her first computer, Leanne is also an amateur cook, casual cocktail maker, and lover of opera. Directly out of university, she started a career as a statistician—before statisticians got rebranded as data scientists. She then started her own agency that focused on research, analytics, QA, and testing for web and mobile.

For the past several years, she has led research and analytics on design and product teams at Dropbox, Autodesk, New Relic, and Bold. Leanne is now growing a research and strategy practice as the Director of Experience, Strategy, and Insight at projekt202. She often leads workshops and teaches clients, and teams, about customer centricity, research methodologies, and measuring the value of design. She lives in San Francisco with her wife, teen daughter, two cats, two rats, a grand piano, and six stringed instruments.

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