Madhuri Kolhatkar

Madhuri Kolhatkar headshot

Madhuri has been working as a user experience  practitioner and design leader in tthe ech sector for over 35 years. She recently left the corporate world to start her own consulting and coaching gig. (imentorux). Her journey in designing software products began in the journalism field where she applied her research best practices to understand and empathize with her subjects. Later her career navigated towards designing software products that solved user’s problems.  As User Experience field gained more visibility, Madhuri expanded her horizon hiring and building design teams around the world and bringing inclusive design and cultural perspectives to product development . She has been mentoring designers especially women to scale to the next level in their careers.

Madhuri is a thorough user researcher who enjoys the application of true design thinking and execution to build stellar products. Her designs have received patents for the team.(

She has been working as an engaged partner in design, solving business and user’s problems and bringing the design solutions that bring delight to the users.

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