Monika Piotrowicz

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Canadian Monika Piotrowicz is a UX leader working at Shopify. For the past three years she has focused on Leadership at Shopify, having established and grown the front end development practice, as well as doubling UX headcount at Shopify’s Toronto location. A front end developer by craft, she has expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, and responsive design. An advocate for closer design-developer collaboration, she’s interested in how cross-discipline teams work together to build a more inclusive web. She has spoken at the Lead Developer, FITC Spotlight, Upfront Conf, Fronteers Amsterdam, Industry Conf, Giant, and jQuery Conferences in San Diego, Austin, and Toronto. She’s shared some of her slides from these conferences on Slideshare.

Monika is a graduate of University of Toronto – University of St. Michael’s College. She’s @monsika on Twitter.

Monika is an advocate for closer designer-developer collaborations and aims to build more inclusive online experiences.

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