Sahra Brandt

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Sahra is what you’d call a serial entrepreneur, with all roads leading to and from fashion. With over 15 years of experience in the retail and fashion industry and a degree in fashion merchandising from a prestigious New York City fashion institution (LIM College) Sahra now helps businesses and individuals alike through her many businesses.

As Founder and Owner of Waeves she helps budding business owners fine tune their vision, maintain branding throughout web and brick and mortar presence, and focus on providing products their customers will love. As a 10 year blogging veteran and 15 year fashion industry vet, Sahra works with both retail owners and aspiring influencers.

With Shop The City, Sahra provides wardrobe audits and personal styling assistance to the everyday person, taking hold of their lifestyle, work, and budget to create a wardrobe that leaves them feeling comfortable and confident. With a focus on budget and sustainability, Sahra ensures clients have long lasting elements of style alongside trending pieces.

Sahra is available to speak on a number of topics including entrepreneurship, fashion and retail, social media, sustainability, business ownership, and more.

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