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Tracy Hazzard is an Inc. Columnist and the co-host of the top-ranked podcasts: Feed Your Brand – just listed as one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts to listen to in 2018; Product Launch Hazzards – the expert resource for eCommerce sellers and inventors; The New Trust Economy all about Blockchain Innovation and Digital Currency; and WTFFF?! – the 3D Print innovation start point featured as one of the exclusive live podcasts at SXSW 2018. With a constant stream of content and products from her authority platform, reaching over 100,000 listeners and viewers each month, Tracy influences and casts branded content, consumer products and innovation around the world.

With over 25 years as a Product/Brand Strategist and Ghost Designer, Tracy has co-designed 250+ consumer products generating more than $2 Billion for design-leading brands like Martha Stewart Living, Herman Miller, and retailers like Costco, Target and Amazon. Along with her partner and husband, Tom Hazzard, she co-holds over 37 patents with an unprecedented 86% success rate. Their most recent invention is the foundation of their new venture Podetize – Brandcasting thought leaders, major publications, celebrities, sports stars, and social influencers broadcast their original message into higher-converting revenue streams with a power legacy platform.

In addition to writing over 200 articles for Inc., Tracy has been featured in CIO, Forbes, Thrive Global, Wired, Fortune Small Business, and CNN Money. The Harvard Business Review teaches a MBA program case study in 26 universities around the world on her handling of intellectual property as an entrepreneur resulting in a viral PR campaign before social media even existed. Tracy’s strategic product and brand knowledge expertise takes an audience from invisible to credible AND from not getting enough to getting even more!

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