Blind spots and bents: Designing around your product biases

You’ve just been asked to design for a product you know and love. How complicated could this be? After all, you’re the user. Or, are you? What happens when you find out the product you are leading design for isn’t really for you (or your team).  In order for this product to reach its full potential, you have to focus on a  much broader audience. Changing the way your team works can be hard but sometimes necessary to create the right end to end user experience. Follow along as Samantha walks through the strategy and tactics around how empathy changed the direction of Adobe Typekit and lead to its “debrand” as Adobe Fonts.

In this presentation Samantha will:

-Walk through the journey of self-discovery around personal bias

-Provide an example behind-the-scenes case study with specific insights and key results

-Showcase guerilla  tactics for talking to customers

-Describe tips and tricks to leading with design through facilitation

-Provide a design framework for working with business, product, UI,  and brand stakeholders

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