Can you afford to do nothing?

“What can I do?” This is the central question of sustainability. While some throw up their hands in defeat and say “I’m only one person. What can I do?” others ask the question with resolve: “What can I do to make things better?”

In this presentation, we’re going to shift the needle from helplessness to action. We’ll talk about the sustainability opportunity for individuals and organizations; how and why our content matters; and how to drive change when it feels like an uphill battle—because the one thing we know is that we can’t afford to do nothing.

In this session, you will become better equipped to:

  • Shift your organization’s focus toward sustainability.
  • Support and drive sustainable changes.
  • Educate others in sustainability best practices.
  • Make sustainable changes that not only benefit the world, but also your career.

Keynote, Confab 2022

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