Design to Ignite — Design sprints for transformation at scale

In a world where everyone and everything is connected, the quality of interactions matter more than ever. They can shape or stifle emerging communities, erase or reinforce boundaries, build or destroy relationships. The practice of Interaction Design, currently over-committed to the interaction between humans and screens, is as well-suited to other interactions which drive large-scale dynamic systems – people to people, people to organizations, organizations to systems just to name a few.

In this talk, we show how Design Sprints can be used to lead rapid innovation of myriad interactions within complex systems. Design Sprints, first popularized by Google Ventures to help startups, are useful to prototype more than digital products. They can be used to collaboratively prototype answers to strategic questions, and accelerate experimentation across cultures, silos, disciplines and competing interests.

We have two aims with this talk: to call upon our peers to expand our collective imagination of how we bring impact to the world, and to introduce Design Sprints as a useful tool to do so.

The talk will have three pillars:

First, an introduction to four flavors of sprints, each with a unique approach tailored to different contexts: strategy, realization, experiment and engagement.
Second, we will examine the stretch and breakpoints within the sprint methodology which allow practitioners to respond to the complexity of real-world constraints and objectives.
Third, we will share case studies in which we used Design Sprints to tackle challenges like creating customer-centric culture, designing the employee experience, and defining agile project governance.

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