Dynamic/MTL Vol. 10 – Stand up!

Recent elections and referendum results throughout Europe and North America have got us thinking about our impact, or lack thereof, on a wider political scale. Although our events are based in Canada, it’s clear that certain political policies extend past national borders. So what is the role of artists, designers and journalists in times of political change? Should we interpret and respond to events as they happen around us, or more actively take a stand on one end of the political spectrum or another? Is it self-aggrandizing to think that we can make a difference and “change the world” through or work, or irresponsible not to?

Taking place on the heels of the US inauguration, this edition of Dynamic/MTL features three speakers from distinct fields to address these questions. Based in San Francisco, Jennifer Daniel is designer, editor, and illustrator known for taking a stand on the “designification” of everything (including motherhood), and self-aggrandizement rampant within the design and tech industries. She’ll be joined by artist MissMe, dubbed Montreal’s “premier art vandal” for her unapologetic pieces, exploring her own struggles with race, gender, society, and class while uplifting icons of the past. As VICE News’ Parliamentary Correspondent, Justin Ling rounds out our panel, covering beats including national security, intelligence, privacy, foreign affairs, war, justice, and when politicians screw up.

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