Eventually everything connects

If you are reading these lines, you are probably curious about the type of experience that you would have as an attendee of this talk. You might wonder whether the topic would match your interests, whether the speaker will be good enough to satisfy your expectations, whether you will feel inspired, exhilarated, or whether you will have concrete tools to bring back to your work. While you are usually the ones shaping people’s experiences, you are striving for nice experiences as well.

Designing for human experiences is one of the most challenging yet fascinating activities. It is a responsibility that we should embrace with humility and dedication. To face the complexity of our mission, we need to draw on theoretical knowledge, methodological skills and of course on our shared professional expertise, as a community. While UX practitioners are working hard at the front lines to design better products or services, scientists work in the shadows to develop and consolidate a myriad of novel and highly valuable UX methods.

During this talk, you will discover the ever-growing UX toolbox that could greatly support you in collecting richer, insightful and more valid data. From scientific theories to pragmatic methods, from academia to industry, from Luxembourg to Puerto Rico… Eventually everything connects.

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