Riding the wave of digital disruption by Design

Businesses today are undergoing digital transformation and this brings with it an unprecedented rate of change. With technical advances, our physical and digital worlds are converging and disruption has moved from an infrequent inconvenience to a consistent stream of change that is redefining markets and entire industries. As Gordon Moore, the author of Moore’s law, said “Change has never happened this fast before and it will never be this slow again”. How might business leaders prepare their organizations for this unprecedented rate of change? How might they create a culture of innovation where they not just survive but thrive in this environment? At SAP, we use a methodology called Design Thinking to humanize digital transformation. We help organizations leverage the power of digital business to deliver superior customer experience and business value. In this talk Janaki Kumar will share customer stories of design-led transformation, and leave you with concrete tools, frameworks and strategies to build organizational resilience and foster a culture of innovation.

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