Scrit Scrit

The official introduction of Scrit Scrit, a platform that promotes handwriting as a powerful tool for expression, problem solving, and sharing. Learn about the necessity of handwriting, the historical evidence, and the app itself.

Scrit Scrit makes it easy to capture and showcase your handwritten work, allowing you to form greater connections with your friends, your work, and yourself. The app is designed to merge the best of today’s technology with the best of the analog world, mixing the metaphor of a tabbed pocket notebook with commonly understood paradigms like vertical scrolling, tagging, commenting, and loving.

Scrit Scrit uses our ubiquitous iPhones to capture what we write and doodle so we can share ideas and small bursts of creativity that, so far, haven’t had a place of their own on the internet. By combining the strength of social networks with the analog advantages of pens and paper, Scrit Scrit welcomes a whole new group of people to the class of Makers.

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