Why Now Is The Time to Consciously Craft Your Career Path

Disconnected. Directionless. Burned out. The last few years have been a lot, and so many people are struggling. One big reason why? Everything about how we show up and do our work has changed—but for a lot of us, our definitions of ambition, success, and fulfillment haven’t.

Many of us have learned that being successful is about always trying to “get ahead” or “move up.” But the truth is, these definitions are deeply personal. Sometimes what we need isn’t hitting the next rung on the career ladder, but rather intentionally slowing down to focus on what matters most.

So where do we look when the next right step isn’t so clear?

In this session, I explore what I’ve learned from coaching design leaders through this process, as well as from my own experience leading UX research teams. Then I introduce you to a tool designed to help you identify the patterns that influence how you show up at work: The Conscious Career Wheel, part of my brand-new career planning guide, Consciously Crafting Your Career Path.

You’ll leave feeling energized to intentionally shape a career you can thrive in—one that is aligned with what matters most to you, not just what everyone else is doing.

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