Speaker Feature Series: 14 Talented Black Women and Nonbinary Speakers

Every week we highlight a woman or nonbinary speaker from our community for our weekly #SpeakerFeature. This week, on the 14th day of Black History Month, we’re highlighting 14 of our past #SpeakerFeatures.

Looking for speakers? Start here, and then head to the Women Talk Design directory to find more of the incredible Black women and nonbinary people in our community to invite to speak at your event

  • Stephanie Lawrence |  a UX Designer and Researcher with a background in psychology and data analytics. She talks about ethics, design strategy, and diversity & inclusion.
  • Liz Ogbu| a designer, urbanist, and spatial justice advocate. She talks about community, culture, diversity & inclusion, social innovation, sustainability, design strategy, and more.
Liz Ogbu headshot
  • Vanessa Mason| a Wellbeing Design Futurist. She is the research director for IFTF’s Future 50 Partnership. She talks on topics including business strategy, designing future-ready organizations, the future of belonging, inclusive design in healthcare, design thinking, & more
Vanessa Mason headshot
  • Bethany Pagels-Minor| a thought leader on product and culture development within technology companies. They talk about product management, diversity & inclusion, business strategy, community, culture, leadership, and teamwork
Bethany Pagels-Minor headshot
  • Vivianne Castillo | a UX Researcher with 7 years of psychology & research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries. She talks about ethics, culture and research.
Vivianne Castillo headshot
  • Sabrina Hall| an interdisciplinary art director with a love for storytelling and editorial content. She talks about graphic design, typography, UI, accessibility, community, diversity & inclusion, & more.
Sabrina Hall headshot
  • Regine Gilbert | a user experience designer, educator, author and international public speaker. She talks on topics including accessibility, career, communication, & more
Regine  Gilbert headshot
  • Chimmy Kalu  | a User Experience designer who works with companies that put people first. She talks on user experience, product design, accessibility, design system, & more.
Chimmy Kalu headshot
  • De Nichols | mobilizes global changemakers to activate ideas that address civic and social challenges within their communities. De talks on immersive experience design, community, culture, art, social innovation, storytelling, and more.
De Nichols headshot
  • Lisa Welchman | an internationally-recognized author, speaker, and management consultant, who is a leading pioneer and thought leader in the field of digital governance. She talks on digital governance, strategy, teamwork, & more.
Lisa Welchman headshot
  • Lade Tawak | a Design Researcher & Strategist, Writer, and Speaker currently working on smartphones and Voice User Interfaces (VUI) for the next billion users. She talks on user research, diversity and inclusion, voice ui, and more.
Lade Tawak headshot
  • Malaika Carpenter|a storyteller at heart, communicator by nature, and a writer and content strategist by profession. She on content strategy, communication, information architecture, business strategy, and more.
Malaika Carpenter headshot
  • Charlene McBride| an artist and designer exploring the intersection of digital and physical worlds. She talks about design, technology,  the internet of things, and more.
Charlene  McBride headshot
  • Dian Holton| a senior deputy art director at AARP Media and a freelance window display associate for the GAP. She talks on creativity, storytelling, diversity, inclusion and more.

This Black History Month, and every month, help us celebrate Black women and nonbinary speakers by nominating them to be part of our directory, sponsoring their work, and inviting them to speak at your events.  

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