Speaker Feature Series: An Interview with Sahra Brandt, a Blogger and Fashion Entrepreneur

This week at Women Talk Design we spoke with Sahra Brandt. An expert in all things style and fashion, Sahra shared her story about how she started sharing more about her work and how you can too.

Sahra has a degree in fashion merchandising from the prestigious LIM College in New York. With over 15 years of experience in the retail and fashion industry, she founded Shop The City, where she provides wardrobe audits and personal styling assistance to the everyday person. Sahra started her blog Que Sera Sahra in 2009 to document and keep track of her sartorial forays and overall life experiences. As a 10-year blogging veteran and fashion industry vet, Sahra works with both retail owners and aspiring influencers to help them grow their business online.

During our interview, Sahra shared with us her entrepreneurial experience and how she is bringing her love for fashion into her speaking career. Check it out!

Why do you speak?

I speak to share my story and shed light on what it’s like to be me, a small business owner still working a full time job and trying to make the most of my time and impact.

When did you start speaking?

I began speaking in 2013 about fashion, styling, and blogging when I was the lead buyer for a local boutique.

What topics are you most excited to speak about right now?

Currently, I speak about fashion, styling, trend forecasting, branding, and social media. I’m very passionate and knowledgeable about these topics and love sharing my insight on them.

What advice would you give to new speakers?

Speak with confidence and clarity. If you’re struggling, take a step back from what’s not bringing you joy and you’ll never know what inspiration may strike.

What are your tips for how folks can improve their blog strategies in 2020?

Definitely be authentic; gone are the days of the overly styled life of perfection; readers and followers these days prefer someone relatable as opposed to someone aspirational. Write what you know, write consistently, but don’t force yourself.

Sahra’s dedication as a blogger, wardrobe stylist, and speaker, inspired us during her interview. Get to know more about her speaking experience and talk topics by checking out her full speaker profile on the Women Talk Design website.

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