Ovetta Sampson

Ovetta Sampson headshot As a Principal Creative Director at Microsoft, Ovetta works with a team of talented researchers, designers and engineers which works with large-scale customers to visualize a clear path to digital transformation that starts in the now and builds towards the future. An IDEO alumna, Ovetta’s sweet spot is the intersection of humanity, business and technology. She uses a variety of research, design and engineering methods to inspire innovation in various industries including, mobility, retail, service, insurance and health care.  She also specializes in envisioning human-centered experiences for future technologies. Combining her M.S. in Computer Science (HCI) with her BA in Communications, Ovetta spends most of her time helping people visualize humanity’s future and how to ethically and with compassion serve people through digital and intelligent products. When not working or teaching, Ovetta is swimming, biking and running, in exotic locales, and occasionally, doing these races called Ironmans.

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