And You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here?

“The first time I left my job was scary. The second time was easy. The third time was terrifying, and the fourth time was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Over the years I’ve worked for other people and for myself, in swanky offices and within a grim hospital, in the middle of downtown and right at home in my jammies. I’ve also tried a lot of different things – design, writing, art, book publishing, human factors design, UX and UI. Each environment and discipline has taught me something about how I like to work and who I like to work with.

If you’ve ever thought of leaving your job, this session is for you. I’ll pass on the wisdom I’ve gained from taking many personal risks, including how I learned to focus on what really really matters to me, and how I think that knowledge can help you create a job that matters to you.”

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