Bringing Your Humanity to Work

How often do we look to what we do at work as being meaningful? As designers and developers, we are expected to produce the golden answer to most business dilemmas, but are not given the inspiration that is needed to do so. Inspiration, regardless of the field we are in, comes from the inclusion of the human element. But how is it represented in the business world amid constraints?

Meena looks forward to sharing her journey about the value of customer experience research, what it can do for the business, and how it helps shape the inclusion of humanity within the workplace. Customer experience research has the obvious external value to an organization of bringing people and consumers closer, and hearing where experiences can stir emotions positively. The stories that we hear externally are real. If we use those stories thoughtfully and credibly internally, we can bring new meaning to old existence.

There are too many hours of work in our lives for it to just be a job. Meena’s talk will be an open discussion on how to bring humanity back into the workplace, by using research as a conduit.

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