Employee tools don’t have to suck! How REI upleveled their retail service design through user research

In an industry rife with outdated technologies, retailers face challenges balancing e-commerce experiences with brick-and-mortar stores. When store employees provide service to a customer, one negative encounter with a tool is enough to make employees wary of using it again. Knowing the archaic tools used by employees, internal red tape, and a captive audience of 10,000 employees…where does a UX’er begin?

Well, employees are customers too! A nimble team at REI is transforming how employees work with mobile, while also improving interactions with customers in physical stores. The team navigates stale enterprise systems, tough decision-makers, and stagnating IT processes. Learn how they performed user research in stores to test and learn under heavy data compliance. This talk includes examples of getting creative with mobile prototypes, workshops, and employee observations – saving the co-op time and money. Also included: advice on winning over stakeholders with an open design process.

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