How to Differentiate

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It’s not impossible to stand out as a design firm or creative agency in today’s market, in fact, it’s critical to a firm’s long-term success. Creating a business that’s differentiated is not about saying you’re different, good branding, or marketing. In this talk, Rhonda will give you 3 strategies that will help you walk the path to true differentiation. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is getting over the fear of making changes and talks about that as well. Her ideas will change and evolve your business to create something more fun and lucrative that really stands out.

What you will learn:
– What stops a business from differentiating
– How to know where your opportunities are
– How to position your firm for success
– How to know what’s really on your client’s mind
– 3 specific strategies that will differentiate your design business
– cast studies of design firms that have successfully differentiated
–  7 rules for creating change
– How to come up with content that will truly speak to your clients and prospects

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