Lean Implementation of Design Systems

Tatiana speaking about design systems

Design system is a framework that helps building a digital product as a modular system of reusable components with scalable style architecture. It is also a collaboration workflow for designers and developers that increases the speed and eliminates waste and misunderstanding.

This talk is a practical guide to implementation of this framework. We will walk through all stages of the process of building a design system: from identifying fundamental elements to making the system fully flexible with design tokens. We will discuss what work needs to be done by both design and development parts of the team. We will address the needs of applications with different levels of maturity and complexity: what to begin with if you are a startup, how to rebuild an established product with years of legacy code and how to achieve full control and scalability for enterprise and white label solutions.

By the end of this talk you will have the tools to begin working on design system in your project next Monday when you return to your office. You will know what to begin with, how to establish the foundation that will start bringing value from day one and how to make the system robust enough to be able to grow and evolve over time.

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