Because my “WHY” Is Stronger Than Your Excuses

The success of this last week’s @causeasceneconf and its effect on those who attended has made Kim thinking more deeply about why it’s so important for underrepresented and marginalized individuals to have safe and supportive spaces to tell their stories. #causeascene

She started thinking about the fact that I not only have the ability, due to technology, to show up as her authentic self and #causeascene BUT THERE WERE MILLIONS OF THOSE, BEFORE HER, WHO WEREN’T ABLE TO INCLUDING THOSE WHO TRIED AND PAID WITH THEIR LIVES.

So when asked, “why?” she recognizes that #causeascene is so much bigger than she and that she has the responsibility to be the change that they hoped for, so know that she’s not going away “Because My ‘WHY’ Is Stronger Than Your Excuses”

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