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Indi has spent the last 20 years writing and training organizations on how to generate ideas based on problem space research. She is expert at gathering the thoughts that lie deeper than simple preferences, opinions, and desires. And she is expert at helping you solidify patterns and sort through the wavelengths to focus on particular channels so you can support people in more powerful ways. Her books Practical Empathy and Mental Models outline a method to transform qualitative data gathered via listening sessions into reliable, validated knowledge that forms the basis of idea generation. Indi blogs at, where you can also find links to helpful articles and presentations she has written over the years.

In 2001 Indi co-founded the user experience agency Adaptive Path, which has provided leadership for the experience and strategy design field. During her career, Indi has worked with clients in many industries, including higher education, and has seamlessly embedded with teams at multi-national organizations as well as with tiny start-ups.

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