Communicating in an Era of Self Validating Facts

The 2016 US presidential election was our latest reminder of this head-spinning zeitgeist: we live in a post-fact era. But did we ever really live in a fact era? Previously, catching someone in a lie could sully their name, derail a campaign, or decimate a brand—ask Gary Hart, Richard Nixon, and former governor and Appalachian Trail enthusiast Mark Sanford. Now, Mark Sanford is back as a senator and lies seem to matter less… both to brands and their audiences.

Emotion replaces logic. So how do you develop rapport when your audience tests proof points against their own convictions? How can we seed popular opinion with accurate data? Learn how to bring wisdom to the masses with authoritative content and design cues that navigate the new challenges and empower audiences to embrace the courage of their convictions—heart over head—on your behalf: * Can you use content to validate fact if “truthiness” trumps truth? * What content types can help you harness opposing perspectives without ceding to false equivalency? * What affordances of design can help underscore trust and build rapport around your brand?

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