Content Strategy for Slow Experiences

Do we design to educate, entertain—or empower? Understand that and you can take a stand for your users to give them the time and space they deserve to engage effectively with designed experiences. Online experiences are often fast and efficient—but sometimes, that’s a recipe for disaster. Users click confirm too soon, confuse important details, or miss a key feature in a product description. Efficient isn’t always effective. Not all experiences need to be fast to be functional. In fact, some of the most memorable and profitable engagements are slow and messy… and that’s just right.

Let’s discuss how you can design and establish content strategy for pace to help users slow down, focus on details, and gain confidence in their decisions. Look to REI, Target, Patagonia, Disney, Fidelity, and other organizations for object lessons that drive learning, retention, and user satisfaction. Slow down and help your users do the same.

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