Change wings on the fly: replace a system that handles 50 million euro turnover with zero downtime

When replacing a legacy system, we often get excited by what we can change or add to it, which latest technologies or maybe even scientific discoveries we can use. But when the deadlines are tight, the task is often very different: build as little as possible. But can not these two goals be combined?

In 2019 a Norwegian fintech startup acquired the third largest gift card company in UK. One of the conditions of the deal was to substitute all their tech systems with a new solution within a year. A bit challenging start. Still we managed to do it having built the new solution and moved more than a hundred customers in less than a year without interrupting the service even for a day. This case study will show how twisting the question that we ask about the product lets us build the absolute minimum which is just enough, while creating the potential for adding any fancy functionality in future. You will also see how it makes everyone’s work unexpectedly easier and allow to build a more modern and user-friendly solution.

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