Susan Lin

Susan creates design systems, builds the capacity of design teams, and drives the alignment needed to deliver exceptional product experiences for millions of users.

She’s currently Lead Product Designer at Cloudflare. Cloudflare powers 10% of global internet traffic and serves 2.8 million users each month. She manages the design team at headquarters. We are building world class products to keep the internet up and safe.

As a design lead, she’s worked in cross-functional multidisciplinary teams for the past 10+ years. She designed’s new application experience and built Trulia’s first design system. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction.

She also runs an art business. Mintlodica Studios has held a 5 figure annual profit since 2015.


Moon Prism Power: Sailor Moon Panel
The Galallery, San Francisco, CA.
January 2017.

Full STEAM Ahead
The Junction, Prague, Czech Republic.
June 2016.

No Wasted Paint
WaffleJS, San Francisco, CA.
August 2015.

A virtual panel on Twitter.
July 2014.

Process is Ugly
Thoughtbot Product Design Talks, San Francisco, CA.
April 2014.

Speaking in Code
IxDA, San Francisco, CA.
August 2013.

BXA alumni panel
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
March 2013.

Guest Lecture for Visual Design Studio
Academy of Arts, San Francisco, CA.
November 2012.

Talks by Susan

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