Susan Lin

Susan Lin (Mintlodica) creates systems, builds capacity, and drives the alignment needed to deliver exceptional products. She is currently the COO at TheKey.Company, a leading vendor in mechanical keyboards.

Susan is an industry leader with 12+ years of experience, previously working in technology. In her past, she directed designers at BuzzFeed and Cloudflare. As a designer, she defined HealthCare.Gov‘s application and built Trulia’s first design system.

Past Talks

Live Dialogue: Leading TheKey.Company

Clack Fancy
August 2020.

Leading with Integrative Thinking

Women Techmakers
Montréal, Quebec, Canada.
March 2019.

Women Who Code CONNECT 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA.
April 2019.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
June 2019.

Designing the Future of Personal Security (Organizer)

SF Design Week
San Francisco, CA, USA.
June 2019.

Design Process Talks

Full STEAM Ahead
The Junction, Prague, Czech Republic.
June 2016.

No Wasted Paint
WaffleJS, San Francisco, CA.
August 2015.

Process is Ugly
Thoughtbot Product Design Talks, San Francisco, CA.
April 2014.

Speaking in Code
IxDA, San Francisco, CA.
August 2013.

Guest Lecture for Visual Design Studio
Academy of Arts, San Francisco, CA.
November 2012.


Moon Prism Power: Sailor Moon Panel
The Galallery, San Francisco, CA.
January 2017.

A virtual panel on Twitter.
July 2014.

BXA alumni panel
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
March 2013.

Talks by Susan

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