Stop looking for work-life balance, aim for work-life integration

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Work-life balance has become such a buzzword that companies use it as their selling point and even people that haven’t started working know they want it. But why? Work and life aren’t two separate things; work IS part of our life. When we’re searching for balance, we often want to feel fulfilled at work while having enough time for our friends, hobbies, self-development, and putting effort into staying healthy. However, imagine putting the same amount of energy and time into all the categories while expecting to always be happy and motivated. Impossible. We are humans; our mood and energy vary and impact other aspects of life, including work.

Work-life integration might sound scary, as if your work would take over and there’s no line between professional and private life. While it’s actually about understanding your values, purpose, and staying present. Join me to break down society’s expectations and uncover how can our professional life work hand in hand with who we want to be.

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