Difficult conversations; Stakeholder meetings, conflicts and designers’ battlefields

Maggie Jandova presentation at UXcon 2021

Being a UX UI Designer involves more than just creating innovative, easy-to-use solutions. A big part of our job is facilitating meetings, bringing all opinions to the table, and making sure everyone supports the direction we’re taking. However, presenting our work can turn into a disaster when we’re unsure of how to effectively communicate and dodge the feedback once it gets too much to handle.

In the talk, we will focus on how to effectively communicate design decisions, navigate through the pool of feedback, learn to say no, and ask questions that help uncover real concerns. At last, we will look into conflicts and how they can bring high value and help us to see new perspectives.

If you ever feel like you’re struggling, remember why you started. If you’re here to leave an impact as a UX UI Designer, know that you can influence not just your users but the people around you; your team.

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