The Path to Product Excellence (and how to accelerate it)

More UXers have a seat at the table than any time before. We are sought after to create amazing experiences and solve problems for our users. Many UX resources, tools and opportunities are available and widespread. Why then, are so many products still sub-par, difficult to use and short of delivering a great user experience?

We still miss the mark on a holistic, end to end product development process that favors quality over quantity, incentivizes delivering against a high-bar, and considers the various systems, people and touch-points along the most critical user journeys.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the factors that enable and hinder PE, as well as the kind of environment and culture that fosters it, so PE is a shared responsibility
  • Take away processes, mechanisms and insights that give UX the necessary leverage for instilling PE in your organization
  • Learn about long-term and short-term initiatives that creates a culture of excellence within an organization

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