Things I Had No Words For – Swiss Design Network “Beyond Change” conference, 2018

At the international conference Beyond Change 2018 (also here) organised by the Swiss Design Network in Basel, Switzerland, Benedetta presented the talk “Things I Had No Words For – On Breaking Visual Silence”, sharing her experience of feminist design work during her MFA in Visual Communication at Konstfack University.

“Threatened by systems of oppression, visual or otherwise, what we carry inside can become unspeakable. In this performative talk, graphic designer Benedetta Crippa departs from her work to show the person at the centre of the artistic process, and delve into questions of liberation. What allows for liberating work, and which processes of making can carry us through it? How can the art school make space for powerful transformations of consciousness, and encourage the practice of hope? The lecture also explores the concept of emotional sustainability, exploring how feminist and human approaches can inform pedagogical practices against and beyond oppressive patterns.”

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