AAA is the new A+: Mastering Accessible Online Course Development

Nothing is more frustrating to a passionate educator than seeing a student struggle despite their best efforts. Amazing teachers seek to guide all types of students, with any accommodations, but that isn’t exactly easy. With the rise of online learning, we ask so much more of teachers technically, on top of everything else they already have to do. In this era, an individualized class might seem impossible, but what if we could empower every student with universal design practices?

In this session, we will demystify and simplify the mindset of accessibility in online course development. Learn how advanced accessibility practices in your virtual environments can help both your students and you.

Attendees will develop a universal design mindset and learn how to create inclusive courses from blended learning environments to fully online experiences. We also will outline key considerations from the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This interactive session is designed for faculty, instructional designers, and anyone in education looking to make their materials and courses more accessible. Attendants will walk away from this session with the confidence and tools necessary to make AAA learning experiences that achieve A+ grades.

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