Mind the Gap: Improving Diversity in Tech

When technology firms started publishing diversity reports five years ago, the numbers revealed what many could see just by looking around their offices: there are a lot of white guys in tech. Regardless of initiatives to have better representation in tech teams, the numbers have shifted at an agonizingly slow pace. Many hiring managers complain that, despite their best efforts, there are not enough diverse candidates applying for positions. When these candidates manage to get in the door, we don’t offer them the ability to rise up. Clearly, our diversity initiatives alone aren’t bridging the gaps. So, what else can we do?

In this talk, we will: discuss how appropriate representation in the technology industry depends on changing our culture and educational systems; learn how to use best practices from diversity-in-tech education programs to set better, less biased standards; come away more knowledgeable of how we can collectively offer opportunities for skill development and inform systemic shifts. Together teachers, professionals, and organizations alike can affect positive change for today and tomorrow!

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