Designing for VR/AR Workshop

In consumer-facing VR/AR, we are seeing the rise of immersive computing, supplementing our everyday world of web and mobile computing. This means that our interfaces become 360, beyond the 2D flat screens of web and mobile. As UX professionals accustomed to Adobe CC, Axure, and Sketch, how are we to prototype for VR/AR? What are the UX considerations we must keep in mind when clicks/taps aren’t the primary form of engagement?

This workshop consists of two parts: we’ll first establish baseline knowledge in VR/AR to set attendees up for kicking off the hands-on design challenge.

To begin with, attendees will learn about the spectrum of VR/AR, the hardware landscape, and the content ecosystem. From there, we’ll discuss UX guidelines and considerations around input modalities and physical ergonomics, as well as user expectations around the environment versus the interface. We will walk through a case study of the tools and methodologies for low- > medium- > high-fidelity prototyping.

In kicking off the hands-on design challenge, attendees will put into practice what they learned from the overview. Attendees will be given a user problem to solve through prototyping a VR/AR solution, using materials provided. The workshop will conclude with a retrospective discussion of what attendees took away regarding the unique capabilities and constraints of immersive technology.

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